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I am a Graphic Designer and Photo Collage Artist from London, but originally from the Shetland Islands in North Scotland (you might have noticed, they usually put us in a wee box on the TV weather maps).

My creative career has moved on from identity branding, page layout designs to various forms of design and illustration. I always like to experiment and try new things. After working digitally in front of a computer screen for twenty years, I've recently found great joy in crafting paper collage creations from magazines, embracing old-school techniques!

I’ve always loved surrealist works of art. I like creating artwork that make people think and question why. Collage is a great form of expression and a chance to craft new and interesting compositions. I mainly use found images from magazines and old books to create my work. Some images will instantly jump out to me for future construction piece ideas, while some almost come together by chance. I love the analog nature of handcut collage and enjoy the creation process.

Currently working as a Designer/Artworker for the London Olympic Legacy team out at Stratford and the Olympic Park.

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Ross Dalziel


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